How can I get a signed book and other merch from Michael?

How can I get a signed book and other merch from Michael?

Visit where you can order an autographed book. This is Michael Franzese's official shop. Every books are personally signed by Michael himself.
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    • How do I book Michael Franzese for a speaking event?

      To book Michael for speaking events, visit: Click on the Book Here button and make sure to provide accurate information so that the team in charge can reach out to you
    • What can I get from the Inner Circle?

      Get mentored by Michael through his INNER CIRCLE mentorship program. This is your chance to speak directly with Michael on a LIVE sit-down online meeting with other ambitious, high-performing individuals like himself. PRIVATE INNER CIRCLE COMMUNITY: ...
    • How can I send a message/question to Michael?

      Michael receives thousands of messages per day and can't get to all of them. You can post your questions in the community or send a message to Michael's account as Michael randomly responds to them when he has free time. However, if you join the ...
    • What is Michael's Youtube channel?

      If you like to hear Michael's life lessons and stories about the Mafia. We invite you to subscribe to his youtube channel at:
    • How often do Michael do a Sit Down?

      Michael runs a sit-down session 2 times per month. Because he wanted to make sure that everyone in the Inner Circle gets a chance to ask him a question there are times that the group is being divided into smaller sessions.